Lyke Wake Walk May 2015

Leona will be undertaking the 40 mile route of the Lyke Wake Walk, across the North York Moors, in under 24 hours.

This classic route remembers the many corpses carried over the moors on old coffin routes and the ancient burial mounds encountered. It was pioneered by the late Bill Cowley in 1955 when much of the route was undefined and whilst this is not now the case, the route provides a strenuous challenge involving 5000ft of ascent to be completed in 24 hours. The name derives from a lyke, the corpse and the wake - watching over the corpse.

Yorkshire 3 Peaks 2014

James, Leona & Jo take to the hills to complete Yorkshire's iconic 3 peaks - Pen-y-ghent, Ingleborough and Whernside - a 24 mile romp over three proper mountains in under 12 hours.

Craft Fair

Autumn fair at Lidgett Grove Church Hall, Saturday 9th November from 10am to 2pm

A selection of stalls and games, with a raffle and refreshments.

Click here for more information

Jewellery Auction

eBay auction of jewellery ~ October 23rd to November 2nd

Jewellery designers from all over the UK have donated over 30 pieces for an online auction, fundraising for The Lullaby Trust. Bidding will start at just 99p...and several items are worth well over £100! 

Click on the Auction link on the left for more information and a sneak preview!

Mount Kilimanjaro 2012

This is the original 'Climb for Chloe' event ...

In January 2012 Leona, Julie, Jo, Sarah and Eilish embarked on a self funded trek to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the highest mountain on the African continent.  Leona, Julie and Eilish reached the 5895 metre summit- Leona fuelled by jelly babies, Ju despite turning the colour of a smurf on day four! Sarah reached 5200 metres (approximately) and Jo reached 5028 metres (exactly!) before succumbing to altitude sickness. When Jo goes back she'll be armed with anti-mountain sickness drugs!

London Marathon 2011

Partly because it was good training and partly because she's a bit mad, Leona also ran (ish) the Marathon - she looked like an extra from Shaun of the Dead by the time she crossed the finish line!!

Enduralife Triathlon 2011

Julie's 50 mile race - mountain biking, kayaking and trail running across Devon; she was third female home.


craft stalls, country fair, baking, jam-making, online auctions, guess-the-weight-of-the cake, a Christmas quiz, tweeting ... and according to one local paper "all night dancing in supermarkets"!!! (we actually did a collection in a supermarket and at a separate dance event !)